Colon Polyps

What is it?
Colon polyps are growths that occur in the lining of the bowel. Their cause is unknown and there may be a genetic risk to developing polyps. There are two common types of polyps: hyperplastic and adenoma. Hyperplastic polyps are not cancerous and adenomas are precancerous, meaning their is a risk of cancer growth.

What are the symptoms?
Usually there are no symptoms. Large polyps can cause rectal bleeding.

How is it diagnosed?
The best way to diagnose colon polyps is to schedule a screening colonoscopy, a thin, flexible scope that allows your physician to inspect the colon.

How is it treated?
Polyp removal otherwise known as polypectomy is the primary way of treating colon polyps. These polyps are removed and biopsied to assess whether they are hyperplastic or an adenoma.

Are there any complications?
With a polypectomy, there is a risk of bleeding but this can be stopped during the procedure. Discuss with your physician about the risks of a colonoscopy and polyp removal at your next visit.